Chill Pill Bath Bomb
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Chill Pill Bath Bomb

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We've taken the phrase "take a chill pill" to a new level. Now you can relax with a "chill pill" bath bomb! You can use it whole, or break it in half for 2 uses! Available in 4 scents/colors

Purple - Bedtime Baby - A soothing bedtime scent of mandarin, lavender, and chamomile

Pink - The Olive Branch - a musky floral with top notes of lemon and mandarin with hints of herbal flowers, musk, and vanilla. This is a unique scent that is sure to be a hit with both men and women. This is a fragrance oil and essential oil blend.

Blue - Blue Agave - Exotic citrus, lime oil, grapefruit, cardamom, red berry, blue agave flower, sea salt, orchid, geranium and white lily, all tied together with cocoa, vetiver, cinnamon, musk and vanilla.

Green - Fairy Garden - A mainly fruity scent tied together with wisteria and lilac

Net Weight: 6 oz.

Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, epsom salts, kaolin clay, cream of tartar, grapeseed oil, polysorbate 80, witch hazel, fragrance, FD&C Colorant

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