January "Sugar Rush" Box
Lavish Bath Box

January "Sugar Rush" Box

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Treat yourself in 2020 …and we mean literally! The zero calorie, guilt free, New Year’s resolution approved #LavishSugarRush box ⁣

⁣We have some scrumptious collaborations happening this month with brands like @yourstrulyjaden@sweet4fuel@whippedupwonderful @buttertoki@parlocosmetics, and more!

Snow Cone Lip Scrub by Parlo Cosmetics

Polish that dry winter pout with this sweet exfoliating sugar lip scrub. Scented In candied blue raspberry, lemon, lime, bright cherry, and juicy melon. To use wet lips, buff on product and wipe clean or lick off. Yum!

Candy Factory Bubble Bar by YoursTrulyJaden

These rainbow roll solid bubble bath bars will make you feel like you’ve won a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory! Scented in deliciously tart and sweet cherry almond you can treat yourself to candy clouds of bubbles by breaking into pieces and crumbling under running water.
Yours Truly Jaden


Funnel Cake Whipped Soufflé by Butter Toki

This rich whipped body creme will quench that dry winter skin leaving you smelling like a SNACC! Scented in funnel cake, with top notes of buttery cream, milky caramelized sugar, and powdered sugar topping a yummy bread pastry.


Bath Macaron by Whipped Up Wonderful

Drop these sweet treats into your bath for a sweet skin softening shot of shea butter and one of four delectable scents: Vanilla Sugar (yellow), Lavender Honey (purple), Orange Blossom (orange), or Black Raspberry Vanilla (red).

Ice Cream Dreams Bath Bomb by Charming Cheshires

Who screams for ice cream? We do, we do! These ice cream cone shaped bath bombs are scented in a variety of mouthwatering sugary candied scents to satisfy your sweet tooth. Check the label for your scent!

Blueberry Donut by Sweet4Fuel

Are you hungry yet? Sink your teeth (not literally, please!) into these gorgeous glittering multi-colored donut bath bombs with handprinted faux-sprinkles and icing scented in delicious buttery blueberry cake donuts.

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