October "Pop Halloween" Box
Lavish Bath Box

October "Pop Halloween" Box

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Jimmy’s Rose Shower Bomb by Coppercat Apothecary

“Plant roses and lavender for luck, and fall in love whenever you can”. This shower bomb is scented with lavender essential oil and tied off with Maria’s rope. It’s a perfect way to unwind before bed... or your midnight margaritas.


Edward Scissorhands Bath Bomb by BoilnBubble

Feel as free as Kim dancing in the snow in this beautiful bath bomb. Scented in zesty lemon, peach, sweet raspberry, crisp pear, plum, grape, and a sugary vanilla

Jason Rises Whipped Sugar Scrub by Twisted Allure

Topped with your favorite slasher, Jason, this scrub is the perfect way to scare off dry skin in the cooler months. Scented in a decadent Love Spell fragrance : a fresh blend of fruits and florals, sweetened with vanilla

It’s Showtime! Bubble Bar by Unique Commodities 

Be the ghost with the most bubbles with this iconic bubble bar. Topped with creepy crawlers, this bubble bar is scented in a fruity mixture of apples and mango.

Oogie Boogie Bath Bomb by The Witchs Bath

Are you ready to boogie? Bring Halloweentown to your tub with this bright purple hand-painted bath bomb scented in firewood and birch bergamot.

Camp Crystal Lake Bath & Body Oil by Redferns Bath Treats

Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake! Take a dip in ultra moisturizing waters with this shimmering bath and body oil scented in blueberry, bergamot,  blackberry, vanilla, and a hint of musk.


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