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Body Sprays

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Usage: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE to ensure oils are dispersed evenly.  Spray over body or hair and enjoy!

Signature Scents:

Beachbound - Just like laying on the beach soaking up the rays and taking in the scents and sounds of the ocean!

Girl Boss - Tangy lemongrass, bergamot, and sweet satsuma citrus.

Hustle & Grace - Sweet berries, fruits, vanilla bean, & freshly picked blooms

Malibu Barbie -  Exotic island coconut, juicy white pineapple,& sweet sugar

Victorian Lace - Pull on those lacey garters – sexy vanilla & sultry amber will make you irresistible!

Candied Citrus - Candied citrus fruit slices of mandarin orange and grapefruit dipped in sweet sugar crystals 

Limited Scents: 

Spring Range

Southern Belle - It’s spring in the South! Fresh breezes of apple trees, magnolias, lemon, chamomile, and a hint of sweet melon!

Pink Cow - Mandarin orange & strawberry soda pop fresh out of the old fashioned soda fountain!

I Feel Pretty - Sweet berries, sugar cane, tonka bean, vanilla, & bergamot.

Tea Party - Come on in for cool glass of sweet iced lemonade blended with freshly brewed white tea!

Summer Range

Therapy - Beach therapy - a blast of coconutty suntan lotion mixed fresh sweet tropical blooms and sweet berries.

Toes in the Sand - Freshly shucked coconut blended into a rich vanilla crème – you won’t know if you should drink it or ask the pool boy to rub it on your back!

Slice of Paradise - Sweet pineapple and sliced strawberries sit atop a decadently rich slice of coconut cream pie!

Sea Glass - Take me to the shore...fresh sea salt, juicy grapefruit, white rose blooms, and creamy avocado rounds out this ultra fresh scent.

White Sands - Imagine a cool evening by the sea – sea salt, eucalyptus, driftwood, and hints of beachy coconut.

Fireworks - Red, white, and blue! Red cherries, citrus fizzy pop, and blue cotton candy!

Polka Dot Bikini - She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny....smells like a perfect day at the beach, salty sea water dripping down sun kissed, tan, oiled up skin. The epitome of summer beach days!

California Girl - Coconut cream, sweet strawberries, toasted marshmallow, and fluffy white cake.

Fall Range

Beetlegeuse Crisp dried leaves, smokey bonfires, hints of spice, and rounded out with sweet vanilla bean.

Candy Corn - Sweet candy corn with rich & creamy vanilla buttercream.

Hocus Pocus - Scents of the smoky fire under the cauldron, crunchy dried fall leaves, and the sweet temptation of roasted marshmallows and brown sugar!

Krueger's Orchard - Fresh baked cider donuts, crisp mac apple and creamy vanilla bean. But whatever you do, don't fall asleep in this orchard.

 Pumpkin Cupcake - Fluffy white pumpkin cake stuffed with vanilla marshmallows and topped with creamy whipped buttercream. 

Pumqueen - Sweet pumpkin, brown sugar, ginger, and creamy toasted marshmallows.

Season of the Witch - Crunchy dried maples leaves, gooey toasted marshmallows, and sweet caramel cider bring home all the spooky scents of fall!



Water, alcohol, glycerin, polysorbate 80, fragrance oil.

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