COVID-19 Shipping Updates

Last updated on November 20th - 2:23 PM CST

With shipping information and product/packaging availability changing almost daily we wanted to create a page where you could easily access up to date shipping information outside of our social media channels.  We are working very hard to get product here, packed, and out to you guys.

We will be updating this page whenever we have new information to share. If you have any additional questions about anything please don't hesitate to reach us at support@lavishbathbox.com.

November "Sweater Weather" Box  - ON TIME

  • Packing has commenced and boxes should ship no later than Monday 11/23!!
  • Delivery made, last item in transit as of 11/12
  • Two more items are in transit, one is scheduled for delivery next week.
  • Two items have already arrived and one is already in transit. No delays currently expected.

October "Witchcraft & Wizardry" Box - SHIPPED.

  • Packing of boxes is complete and boxes have shipped! 11/2
  • Delivery of remaining product scheduled for Sunday. Tracking has been sent!
  • Waiting on remaining product from Sweet4Fuel. Please read our joint statement here.
  • Delayed box of product from Willow Bella arrived 10/29
  • Approximately one half of order from Sweet4Fuel delivered. 10/27 
  • Products from Savage, Dragon Oils, JoJoBeans have arrived. One box from Willow Bella delayed still in transit.

September "Fall Y'all" Box - SHIPPED

August  "Create & Celebrate" Box - SHIPED

July "County Fair" Box - SHIPPED

    June "Lake Escape" Box - SHIPPED

    • First batch of boxes are headed out Monday 7/13 with the final batch going out Wednesday 7/15!
    • Remainder of 4th product due to arrive Tuesday 7/14
    • Remainder of 5th has arrived at LBB Monday 7/13
    • Packing has begun!
    • 4th product shipped today
    • 5th product has arrived in part as of Monday
    • 3rd product has arrived at LBB!
    • 5th product (partial) has shipped! Scheduled arrival Monday (as Friday & Saturday are postal holidays)
    • July renewals have been moved back in hopes you will receive June's box before renewing.
    • 3rd product is scheduled to arrive Thursday July 2nd
    • 6th product arrived at LBB June 24
    • 3rd product has been delayed. Scheduled delivery unknown currently
    • 6th product has  shipped. 
    • 3rd Product rescheduled to arrive June 24
    • 3rd Product scheduled to arrive on June 22.
    • 2nd Product arrived at LBB June 10
    • 1st Product arrived at LBB June 4.
    • June 1 renewals have been pushed back to June 8
    • One product has shipped as of May 26th

    May "Staycation" Box - SHIPPED

    • Remaining bubble bars FINALLY arrived.
      The remaining boxes will ship TOMORROW Wednesday June 10.
    • Over half of the boxes SHIPPED Thursday.
      Tracking emails are due out tomorrow. If your box says "Label Created" it has not shipped yet.
    • Partial arrival of 6th (and last) product has arrived at LBB Thursday.
      Delivery date for the last box is still unknown at this time - tracking doesn't update until arrival.
    • Packing began on June 4. 
    • Remainder of 4th product has arrived at LBB.
    • Boxes are being prepared for packing
    • Remainder of 5th product arrived at LBB on Mon. June 1
    • Partial arrival of 6th product at LBB on Saturday
      Delivery date for remaining boxes still unknown at this time -tracking doesn't update until arrival.
    • 3rd Product (delayed) has arrived at LBB
    • 6th product has finally been released from CA customs and is in route
      Delivery date still unknown at this time
    • Partial arrival on 5th product. Remainder due Monday June 1
    • Partial arrival of 4th product at LBB. Delayed. Remainder expected June 1 
    • 3rd product arrival day delayed. May 29th
    • All remaining products are currently IN TRANSIT with tracking received
    • 3rd Product due to arrive Thursday May 28 
    • 2 of 6 Products have arrived at LBB


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